Tuesday, April 3, 2012

very hungry caterpillar

The hungry caterpillar is everywhere;) I love this little onesie dress the skirt is done in a tiny red polka dot fabric and I'm a sucker for polka dots! The caterpillar is huge so I had to embroider it on felt and cut it out and sew it onto the onesie. There was no way I could fit this little onesie in a big hoop! I really liked how it turned out. It just takes an extra step but doing it this way I am able to get really big designs on little onesies and shirts. Embroidering it onto the felt gives it a little more 3D look and felt doesn't fray so it will hold up after many washings.

I also did the same thing with the rainbow applique. I love the bright colors and this riley blake fabric is too cute! These are both listed in my shesewsassy shop on etsy!

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