Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas placemats

Quite awhile ago I saw these placemats on the modabakeshop site and have wanted to do them but I just never got around to doing them until now. I had an extra layer cake from Riley Blake from a christmas quilt I did a couple years ago so it was perfect to do these 4 placemats. I love the santa one so we can put the cookies and milk on it for Santa. We just put out our Christmas decorations and I realized that I sure don't have many, not sure what happens to them every year so I have been trying to  sew some things to get into the Christmas mood.

Here is a cute Santa pillow I did a couple weeks ago. The santa is from urban threads it was a bonus secret santa from an order I had placed and I love the vintage feel of the design.. I am making a set of Christmas towels with the same santa for out bathroom so I'l post when they are done.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

This year's christmas quilt

I can't remember if I started this quilt last year or the year before...wait I think it was the year before. That's right last year at this time I was recovering from a big hip surgery (PAO) and I don't think I was able to sit comfortably at my machine until February and then it was very short periods. I was going through everything because I just switched rooms in the house and now I have the largest room for my sewing studio! In the transfer and organizing I came across a few, ok many, WIPs. Since I try to make a Christmas quilt every year I figured this is a good time to finish this one up. Sometimes I give the quilts as gifts and keep some for myself. Living in Minnesota one can never have too many quilts laying around because the minute you sit down you are looking around to grab one and snuggle up under it. The fabric is not something I usually reach for when shopping but there was something about it that I liked. I guess depending on my mood that day you really never know what I'm going to come home with. I try to get colors and patterns I don't always migrate towards right away. If I went with what usually catches my eye every fabric in my stash would be pink and polka dots. Hopefully this long holiday weekend I can finish this up and add it to one of the sofas for this christmas season.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

bringing the blog back to life

It is crazy how fast time goes by. I looked up my blog and realized it has been way too long since I have posted. I still have been busy sewing I just fell off the blogging wagon and have been posting a lot of my sewing projects on my personal Facebook page but I'm sure all my "friends" are getting tired of all the pics I post of my projects. I figured I can post as much as I want on my sewing blog and no one can get tired of seeing pics since we all go to sewing blogs to get new ideas and inspiration from all of us crafters. What was fun is to look back on all my posts and remember the projects and to see how little my daughter was! She is 8 now and is following in my footsteps and loves to craft anything she can. She got a little sewing machine for her birthday last year and has make a couple things. I am just bad at helping her with it since I don't have a ton of patience with teaching!~ She is getting older and easier to teach though so hopefully this winter we can try a few more projects.

I am working on redoing her bedroom. She was tired of pink and wanted it purple so I have been sewing pillows and a quilt and trying to figure out curtains. I just finished 4 big pillows to line her daybed and I love them they are huge @ 26 inches.

I started her quilt but she has just informed me she thinks quilts are too bumpy so she wants either a duvet cover or a smooth comforter. I figure I'll continue the quilt and instead of making it a full size to cover her bed I can make it more a lap quilt to lay across the end of her bed or over the arm of the daybed. Either way the quilt will not go to waste, it would even look nice in our living room with the colors I have picked. Now onto getting fabric for her curtains and a comforter.