Monday, January 30, 2012

only 3 years later!

So I finally finished this quilt. I think I started it 3 years ago;) I bought a jelly roll of this material not knowing what I was going to do with it I just loved the colors. Then I decided I was going to make a quilt for my bed then I ran out of material and had to find more then it sat in my closet for a year or so. I pulled it out and decided my daughter needed a quilt for her bed first so I finally finished it this weekend! It is going to be a long time before I do another queen or king size quilt! Pushing all that material thru the machine to hand stipple is quite the workout. My shoulders get so tight and sore I can only work on it in small sections so it felt like it took for ever to get done. I love piecing and I love hand binding I find that so relaxing it is the stipple part that I could live without. If I had a longarm machine that would be so much easier but I don't see myself getting one of those in the near future. I will just stick with lap size or smaller quilts and my shoulders will thanks me.

Now I need to make some pillows and curtains to go with the quilt. I'm not sure what color....I painted her walls this weekend and boy did they turn out PINK!!!! It is kind of a pink purple and I'm not loving it but I think once I get art on the walls and curtains and accessories up the pink will not be the main focus. The shades she has have to go and maybe I might have to paint the woodwork white......uggg always lots of work! First thing first I finding a material for the curtains.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brother & Sister sets

I have been working on designing brother and sister shirt sets and onesies. I have never embroidered or hooped something so tiny like a onesie before so it was a challenge but I figured out an easier way to do it so that was a relief. I was using the 3 month size, there is the newborn size that is smaller so I'll have to try hooping those. I have a few more designs and also ones that work for brother and sister that are more color neutral. I am trying to come up with color combos that aren't the typical baby colors. I remember when my daughter was small EVERYTHING was baby pink in the stores for size 0-24 months. I wanted bright bold funky colors and it was hard to find. That might not be the case as much I'm not too sure, I haven't strolled around in the baby section for awhile now. I just remember when you opened her closet door it was a sea of PINK. Pink is my favorite color but I have to have more than just that in a wardrobe.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

playing with jersey knits

Yesterday I pulled out some knit material and decided to make a few tops for my daughter. I have been more of a woven cotton girl over the stretch material but it is fun to mix it up. I like to try pushing myself to think out of the box. I love how both turned out. It has also been awhile since I put a zipper in an outfit but it was like riding a bike. I do have a confession, the zipper was easy to put on but I made a huge mistake! I was just about done and I was hemming the bottom and cut the bottom of the zipper off to line it up! What did I do??? I had spent the whole day embroidering designs and embellishing it, and the zipper had no stopper so when you went to unzip the hoodie the little handle flew right off! I was mortified and couldn't believe what I had just done. So long story short I had to zigzag the bottom close, super glue the end of the zipper so it wouldn't separate up from the bottom. After that mess I had to make it look visually appealing so I cut some felt to make a flower and sewed it over my BIG whoops! So it is now a pullover hoodie with a zipper;) It is still cute but not what it was suppose to be. Oh well, I love how there really is no right or wrong way, it is like art anything goes. After these 2 tops I think I might make my way over to the stretch knits area at the store a little more often to see what else I can make.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What was the first thing you ever sewed?

I was trying to think back to see if I could remember mine and I think it was a pair of shorts in home ec. I just loved going to sewing class in high school! That was the one class I never skipped....lucky for me it was an afternoon class! Oh me and mornings have NEVER been friends. With the help of my home ec teacher we sewed a formal dress for a dance for me. That is me in the little "green" number! I wish I still had that dress. I lent it out and never got it back. Wow that is 22 years ago now! 1990

So what was your very first thing you sewed and do you still have it?

Friday, January 20, 2012

tooth fairy pillows

For the last week or so I've been working on different tooth fairy pillows. I have perfected the look I was going for. They are all just so cute! I think this is my new favorite thing to make right now! I love quilting so I get a little "patchwork" fix....check.... and I love to embroider.....check, They also don't take too long to make so instant gratification....check! It is a win win for me! They are all posted in my Etsy shop.

I also reorganized my sewing room. It had slowly started seeping into the dining room little by little. My hubby took back the dining room so I was forced to organize and clean out some things to make room for everything comfortably. I think he was more concerned about the noise when I embroidered, it would drown out the TV in the does NOT mess with a man and his TV;). I actually love being back in here, my little pink happy place!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My etsy shop is up and running! I have been busy sewing and coming up with new designs. I will be posting new things often, my head has been spinning with ideas so keeping checking back. I just ordered some new fabrics and can't wait to make a few more new outfits. I have spring and summer on my mind even though it is january and cold! Since I'm new to Etsy any tips or tricks or just advice post your tidbits!