Friday, December 26, 2014

need a new way

I have been storing all my thread in this drawer container but I'm not liking the system anymore. I have looked at buying a spool holder but I don't think I'll like that either. I am trying to talk my hubby into building a shelf unit for the wall to set them all on but I wonder if I'll like that? I think I want them all out because they are such beautiful colors and it might look more like art than anything but I also have issues with clutter and things looking messy. There seems to be a fine line in my eyes from art to clutter. Right now the drawers take up a fair amount of space on the desk but it is right next to my machine so I don't have to get up every time I need a new color but then again it is more exercise getting off my butt every time I need a new thread....Can you tell I am having a real life dilemma here? I have been scouring pinterest for ideas and so far I think displaying them might be the best but now I just need the hubby to be on board with the project usually he loves working with his power tools but I think this project bores him. I have a big blank wall so we will see what happens over this long Christmas weekend....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

no more holey knees

My daughter is somewhat of a klutz. She has pretty much put holes into every pair of pants she owns. Being Miss frugal I can't just throw out the jeans when they still fit so I'm on a mission to patch up all that need a little TLC. This is the first pair I've gotten to so far. I used my Go baby cutter and the rose of Sharon template. I also use heat and bond and iron them to the jeans before I use my machine. I drop the feed dogs and free hand close to the design edge. Sometimes depending on the room in the leg it is a little tricky keeping a straight line! It looks like I had a couple cocktails on a few flowers but who's looking that close? I'm sure my daughter will have a new hole in them sooner than later!

Friday, December 12, 2014

my lucky day

Sunday I was looking up a fabric store that I was going to take a drive to sometime this week and on the website it said new location in my town!! It is actually about 2 miles from my home. So monday morning I was there bright and early and it is a huge place with all kinds of designer fabrics. Next thing you know I spent 2 hours roaming the aisles and it felt like 10 minutes. I'm not sure if having a store so close to my house is a good thing or bad thing....I've already been there twice this week! The lady said didn't I just see you?? I might just have to get a part time job there but my paycheck would go right back into their hands. I picked up this riley blake fabric, I'm always looking for unisex colors for brother sister outfits and who doesn't love red and aqua together?! I also picked up some stuff to make more outfits for my daughter she is outgrowing everything lately.

I pulled out my Portabellopixie "claire" pattern and made 3 peasant tops for her. I love shirring and the rolled hem setting on the serger makes finishing the edges so quick. I also used the sweet polly's play clothes pattern for the skinny leggings. She has plenty of black pants for the blue top but I need to make something for the apple top. I could pick up some more of the sleeve fabric and make some ruffle pants....I haven't made her ruffle pants in forever she had a bunch a couple years ago and we just needed a break from ruffle pants. I actually have been trying to find a real classic trouser pattern with cuffs but not seeing anything. I suppose I can try make up my own.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas outfit done

I finished my daughter's outfit. The black Tee and red sweater are from target. I embellished the Tee to match the skirt, I just love the red deer fabric so much. I love red and teal and red and pink together. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again so I could wear this outfit! I also have a huge weakness for polka dots and it is hard NOT to buy every polka dot fabric I come across. Maybe a multicolored polka dot quilt should be on my to do list. I've been so busy this last week with orders my Christmas quilt hasn't been touched since I last posted about it. Maybe this weekend I can work a little on it. My poor family is missing me I've been in my sewing room all the time! This time of year I do find myself sewing more than any other time of the year. Our weather has been so cold I guess there is nothing else to do than sit in the house and sew!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I don't like sharing

I got a new machine last week to be able to use when my Ruby is embroidering and told my daughter we can share but now she is wanting to sew more and it is cutting into my sew time! I love the fact she takes an interest in sewing don't get me wrong but I am not the most patient of teachers. I need to get a couple of simple projects for kids to get her to try. I bought a cute cat kit from american girl company that I'm going to give her for Christmas so over the break we have some crafts to do. She loves creating anything so she definitely got my crafting gene and I'm so happy that we can create together!  Last night she made a little pouch that holds dad's iPhone with pink camo.....not sure if it will get used but dad said he loved

I love my new machine. I got the opal 690Q. I've been a husqvarna fan for at least the last 15+ years. My first was the Rose then I upgraded to the designer1 and then 4 years ago I bought the Ruby. I've been wanting a backup machine to be able to use while embroidering and let me tell you life has been great being able to multi task even more! My productivity time will be much more improved and hopefully that will mean I can create more in a shorter time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More Santas

Now my bathroom has a little Christmas joy. I saw some hand towels at target that said naughty and nice so I picked up a couple plain red towels and added my own embroidered naughty and nice. I would love if they can out with a Mrs. claus that mirrored this santa because that would have been super cute to have a his and her set! Of course the Mrs. claus would be the naughty 'cause Santa is the nicest!

I also added 2 new items to my Etsy shop. I had made my daughter a halloween candy bag for trick or treating and it turned out so cute I decided to made a couple to sell in my shop. I just love them.