Friday, December 18, 2009

gonna finish my UFO's

So I am going to work on getting some of my UFO's finished before I start some new ones. This dress was started at least a year or more ago for my daughter and all it needed was buttonholes and the buttons which have been sitting waiting patiently for me and a needle. Not sure why it took so long to finish since my machine makes doing buttonholes a breeze. So now that my daughter has grown like a weed this dress is more like a long shirt it will be cute without any bottoms but if I can find some of the same material around, a pair of bloomers would be adorable too. Hopefully it still fits this spring but I guess a cream shirt under would work too. Kids can pretty much pull anything off

1 comment:

  1. Love her dress and pictures of her in it! You did a fabulous job on it - even if it is later than you planned. I finally got around to a few UFOs just a few months ago - the size 8 Gap overalls were WAY to small for my 17 yr old. I'd love to do a dress like this for The Princess, a little girl we watch.