Wednesday, December 16, 2009

gotta do something

I had to go to the fabric store to redo our stools at our kitchen island. We had 4 very nice stools with backs then came along our toddler and a tipsy neighbor and all the backs broke on our stools so for months we had been using then with sawed off backs thinking we need buy new ones eventually. My dh took one apart to see and figured out we could remove the swivel part that held the backs and cut a new wood piece out of plywood and I could recover them and then we wouldn't have to buy new stools. So after I grabbed my 60% coupon for mill end textiles I was back in a fabric store and the big has bit me again. I was able the recover 4 stools for 15.00. I picked up a couple spring type fabrics for my daughter to make something just not sure yet but I promise I will have something to post fairly soon. I still want to make some stockings for christmas since he family doesn't have anything to hang...something I've wanted to do forever

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