Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween skirt

I just love riley blake fabrics! The colors and patterns are always so perfect! This is called trick or treat. The pattern is a take on the patchwork skirt I just cut some blocks even smaller and left some bigger. I have used this pattern a million times and with all the different materials the skirt seems a little different each time.

This is the same pattern just the blocks were cut a tad bigger. I also did a bunny applique on the tank to make a set. I loved this material!! It is sparkly in the fabric. It is called urban angel by studio e. They had it at my mill end textiles and I grabbed what was left....not much. Pink is my downfall anything that is pink my eyes drift towards and I HAVE to have it. I was so happy to have a little girl because I have a feeling my little boy would be wearing a lot of pink much to my hubby's dismay.

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