Monday, October 24, 2011

ruffle pants

Another great pattern from pink fig! These are the bella pants. The material is a brown suit type fabric from Joann's. I was originally going to make a skirt for me but ended up using it for my daughter. I am all about ruffles and all things girly but I really love it in these basic brown pants. I prefer lots of color but it is also nice to have more dressy neutral things too.
My next project is getting some labels printed up so I can sew them into my clothes. My hubby is always asking which way do her pants go. It is hard to tell the front from the back if you don't know what you are looking for. My daughter is also dressing herself a lot so she knows tags go in the back but when her clothes are tagless it makes it harder. I just need to design something in photoshop and print them out on fabric paper or iron transfer stuff....not sure what would be best.......time for some research.

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