Saturday, January 21, 2012

What was the first thing you ever sewed?

I was trying to think back to see if I could remember mine and I think it was a pair of shorts in home ec. I just loved going to sewing class in high school! That was the one class I never skipped....lucky for me it was an afternoon class! Oh me and mornings have NEVER been friends. With the help of my home ec teacher we sewed a formal dress for a dance for me. That is me in the little "green" number! I wish I still had that dress. I lent it out and never got it back. Wow that is 22 years ago now! 1990

So what was your very first thing you sewed and do you still have it?

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  1. Barbie clothes when I was of the Barbie age? Oh and in home-ec as a freshman. It was the last year sewing was being offered and my mom (a seamstress..she made my wedding dress) was outraged. Now...I understand why. It became a lost art.

    Oh home ec- I made a really bad choice. I did not sew for 5 years after. (my mom wasn't/isn't known for patience) a stretchy 2 piece kind of like a sweat suit. The top had stripes that looking back looked like a jail uniform. What was I thinking?