Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brother & Sister sets

I have been working on designing brother and sister shirt sets and onesies. I have never embroidered or hooped something so tiny like a onesie before so it was a challenge but I figured out an easier way to do it so that was a relief. I was using the 3 month size, there is the newborn size that is smaller so I'll have to try hooping those. I have a few more designs and also ones that work for brother and sister that are more color neutral. I am trying to come up with color combos that aren't the typical baby colors. I remember when my daughter was small EVERYTHING was baby pink in the stores for size 0-24 months. I wanted bright bold funky colors and it was hard to find. That might not be the case as much I'm not too sure, I haven't strolled around in the baby section for awhile now. I just remember when you opened her closet door it was a sea of PINK. Pink is my favorite color but I have to have more than just that in a wardrobe.

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