Friday, December 12, 2014

my lucky day

Sunday I was looking up a fabric store that I was going to take a drive to sometime this week and on the website it said new location in my town!! It is actually about 2 miles from my home. So monday morning I was there bright and early and it is a huge place with all kinds of designer fabrics. Next thing you know I spent 2 hours roaming the aisles and it felt like 10 minutes. I'm not sure if having a store so close to my house is a good thing or bad thing....I've already been there twice this week! The lady said didn't I just see you?? I might just have to get a part time job there but my paycheck would go right back into their hands. I picked up this riley blake fabric, I'm always looking for unisex colors for brother sister outfits and who doesn't love red and aqua together?! I also picked up some stuff to make more outfits for my daughter she is outgrowing everything lately.

I pulled out my Portabellopixie "claire" pattern and made 3 peasant tops for her. I love shirring and the rolled hem setting on the serger makes finishing the edges so quick. I also used the sweet polly's play clothes pattern for the skinny leggings. She has plenty of black pants for the blue top but I need to make something for the apple top. I could pick up some more of the sleeve fabric and make some ruffle pants....I haven't made her ruffle pants in forever she had a bunch a couple years ago and we just needed a break from ruffle pants. I actually have been trying to find a real classic trouser pattern with cuffs but not seeing anything. I suppose I can try make up my own.

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