Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas outfit done

I finished my daughter's outfit. The black Tee and red sweater are from target. I embellished the Tee to match the skirt, I just love the red deer fabric so much. I love red and teal and red and pink together. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again so I could wear this outfit! I also have a huge weakness for polka dots and it is hard NOT to buy every polka dot fabric I come across. Maybe a multicolored polka dot quilt should be on my to do list. I've been so busy this last week with orders my Christmas quilt hasn't been touched since I last posted about it. Maybe this weekend I can work a little on it. My poor family is missing me I've been in my sewing room all the time! This time of year I do find myself sewing more than any other time of the year. Our weather has been so cold I guess there is nothing else to do than sit in the house and sew!

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