Thursday, December 4, 2014

I don't like sharing

I got a new machine last week to be able to use when my Ruby is embroidering and told my daughter we can share but now she is wanting to sew more and it is cutting into my sew time! I love the fact she takes an interest in sewing don't get me wrong but I am not the most patient of teachers. I need to get a couple of simple projects for kids to get her to try. I bought a cute cat kit from american girl company that I'm going to give her for Christmas so over the break we have some crafts to do. She loves creating anything so she definitely got my crafting gene and I'm so happy that we can create together!  Last night she made a little pouch that holds dad's iPhone with pink camo.....not sure if it will get used but dad said he loved

I love my new machine. I got the opal 690Q. I've been a husqvarna fan for at least the last 15+ years. My first was the Rose then I upgraded to the designer1 and then 4 years ago I bought the Ruby. I've been wanting a backup machine to be able to use while embroidering and let me tell you life has been great being able to multi task even more! My productivity time will be much more improved and hopefully that will mean I can create more in a shorter time.

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