Thursday, February 2, 2012

baby boutique sets

I have exciting news! My clothing designs are now in a boutique. Posh Baby boutique in Lakeville, MN is now carrying my outfits. You are still able to purchase designs in my Etsy shop and now at a store front. I am just so excited to be creating and designing and I just love to be behind my machine working with my hands. It has all been happening so fast. I just opened my little shop on Etsy and trying to figure out my niche because I love to do it ALL and now working with a boutique and coming up with baby designs. My daughter is now 5 so it feels like a lifetime ago that I was out buying baby stuff. It actually makes me want to have another one but that is just not in the cards for us unless God wants to preform another miracle for us, I know he is more than capable just not sure it is what He wants for us.....this is a WHOLE 'nother post that I won't bore you guys with;)

So back to sewing...... I have been making a few baby sets. Here is one of my faves. I am a total sucker for pink and black;)

I'm almost tempted to make my 5 year old the top, I think it would be adorable on an older girl as much as it would on a baby. The only problem is my daughter has more clothes than she can wear! I guess summer is coming up and she doesn't have much for short sleeve stuff......How cute would this top with some white shorts with the roses be? She has these new pair of baby pink tennis shoes that she could rock with this! Oh yeah guess what I'll be making this weekend;)

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