Thursday, February 9, 2012

love appliques

I love this shirt! I think I want to do one in my size;) I just love having my new machine! I didn't realize how much I missed my embroidery unit. My daughter broke my other machine a few years back so I haven't been able to do any embroidering. There are so many adorable applique designs out there and just using different material it changes the look so much. One of my favorite places to buy appliques is planet applique. They have such adorable designs and priced so well. They have specials all the time too. I also love the fonts at embroitique. I used their sugar and spice font on my christmas stockings. My head cold is getting better and I think I'll be able to focus and sew this weekend, I have to because I have a few orders to fill! This head cold has made it so hard to focus and think straight I swear I feel like I lost a million brain cells due to it!....not sure how many that leaves me with anymore;)

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