Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas Stockings

One more post of Christmas projects that I did. For years I have been wanting to do custom stocking for us. Every Christmas I have plans to do them and every year gets so busy and I run out of time. Then after the season is gone I am not in the mood to do them anymore;) So this year I was able to get the time to make some. I just loved how they turned out. I used the super soft minky material for them in fun red, green, and blue. The material is a little more tricky to work with only because it has a lot more stretch both ways than woven cotton does. Some of the material also was raised so when ironing on the fusible fleece I had to be careful not to iron out the bumps in the material. Also when embroidering the names I had to use water soluble stabilizer because the minky was so dense and plush the names would not have looked as nice if I hadn't. I did make a set for a customer but next year I think I'll stick with woven cotton or flannel if I plan on selling more. Looking at the pic I got a little sad, my dog Tori died last month so next Year when I pull out the stockings I won't be hanging hers up:(

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