Saturday, February 14, 2009


I spent the morning embroidering for a friend. I did her 2 daughter's pillow cases and easter basket linings. They turned out really cute and now I can pop them in the mail and hopefully she likes how they turned out too. I think I need to make something for Presley for her Easter basket too. This year will really be her first that she will understand a little more about the easter bunny and will love the treats in her basket. I also finished the scrap quilt top the other night, now maybe I can find something in my stash for the back and get that done this weekend. I also need to clean and organize my room again it is getting out of hand and I just don't do as well when my room is a mess I find that I don't want to work in it and the clutter makes me stressed and uncreative so that needs to get worked on. I need the creative juices flowing right now!!!

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  1. Oh, I love this pic !! The font looks great. Thanks again Sheila !! (((HUGS)))