Monday, February 16, 2009

Scrap quilt done

this lil' guy is done!!! I feel like everything is in slow-mo lately. I am not getting in as much time at the machine so things are taking a little longer to get completed. I really like how this little guy turned out. I think it is about 35' square. I will definitely do this design again. I finished it up with all scraps and it feels so good to put it all to use and not waste any fabric. The colors all go so well together too I love when that happens.  I will be donating this lil' guy along with a few more. I just need to get some labels put on so somewhere someone will say "who is this sheila from MN????" I used a white sheet for the back and the white on the front but after using sheets for a few quilts I realize that I just don't like the way they sew as much. They are so dense that the needle doesn't go thru them as easily when stippling and piecing. I will still use them once and awhile but I think I'll stick with quilters cotton for the most part. I do love the softness to the sheets though much more pleasant to the skin. I think tonight I will try to come up with some labels and get them printed on the fabric I have for it. 

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