Thursday, February 12, 2009

see the dust?

I haven't had a chance to turn on my machine since tuesday and now it is thursday~~!!! I know that is only 2 days but I feel like it has been forever. I might have time to do a little tonight after Presley goes to bed but it is good tv night tonight so that might not happen. I can't miss my 30 rock!!! If it is a repeat then I'll be at my machine. I have some embroidering to do for a friend so I need to maybe get to that. I want to try to get it in the mail on monday and this weekend is busy already with plans. Somedays I just wish there were more hours so we could get all the things we love to do in. I also am looking forward to longer days with the sun. I hate sewing at night because the lighting is so poor. I love all the daylight that comes in my window it makes sewing so much easier on my eyes. Here in MN it is dark by 4-5pm right now ...well maybe closer to 6 now but only cuz spring is coming...hopefully?? But to have it dark by 6pm it feels like you should be in bed shortly after. I love the summer it is light till close to 10 pm!!! I can't wait! This summer I just might have to bring my machine outside with a long extension cord and soak up some rays. If I ever do that I'll be sure to post a pic

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