Thursday, February 19, 2009

I couldn't do it!!!

I caved today and order some material!!!! I just couldn't to it for one stinkin' month. If it is any conciliation  I probably won't be getting the material till almost march and it is coming from march's budget. Plus I am making a skirt for me so really it should come out of my clothing budget right???;) Oh How we can change anything to fit our agenda.  I am so excited to see this new material in person. I so wish we had a big material store that carried these designer fabrics.  The one place that carries a good selection is about 40 minutes from me so not super convenient. There is a quilting shop close but they carry very traditional quilting fabrics so I usually don't like a lot of their inventory. Joann's is ok for some stuff but they lack in the fun trendy styles sometimes too. I like going to this one warehouse they have a huge selection and great prices but it is hit or miss with what they have in. I need something more edgy and trendy. I would love to open a little place of my own but in this market I don't dare even think about it. These are the 2 fabrics I bought and I think it is going to make one cute skirt!!! I am hoping to squeeze it out with just the 2 yards. It might be close and I'll see if I need something else for the waistband. I always do a test run with any new pattern on cheaper material from my stash to iron out any kinks. Depending on how much I like the fabric I might order a fat quarter sampler of it for a patchwork skirt for P and we will have our matchy-match outfit!!


  1. As much as you sew, $35 sounds like a crazy small budget. If you get that business going you'll have an excuse to buy that stuff all the time.