Tuesday, February 10, 2009

practicing a scrap quilt

Ok since I can't buy anymore fabric for the month I started digging thru the scraps that  I cut up the other day and started practicing a different design. I like the design but I think I have to press open some of the seams where the triangles meet because it was a little more bulky trying to sew over them. I think I'll have to be careful when stippling over those thick parts. I have broken a few needles going too fast over real dense areas before. It is kinda scary when they break cuz sometimes the tip goes flying I almost should wear safety goggles!!!I am just cutting more squares for the border to make the quilt a tad bigger and use up those scraps. It will be about the size of a baby/toddler quilt and I will donate this one to project linus. There is a drop off just down the road so I have a few baby quilts to donate. I found this design in the jelly roll book. I just might have to buy the new one they are publishing. It comes out this summer and I really like this book so I am sure I'll enjoy the new one. Not sure how long if ever it will take my library to get it in. I am hoping to get this finished today during nap time.