Monday, February 23, 2009

practice skirt

So I got my pattern and material in the mail so I whipped out a practice skirt to see how I liked it. The skirt is super simple and it turned out good. I don't like the material so much but it was in my stash and it was cheap to practice with. I didn't want to use my good stuff for the trial run. I will wear this one too but not loving it. It is a fun bright color for summer. I am so excite to make the one with my new material it is even prettier in person and such a soft cotton. I think it will lay much better than this stiffer material I used on this skirt. Don't mind my white pastey legs I do live in MN and only see the sun for about 5 minutes a year!!! Well that and being a strawberry blonde with freckles doesn't help either.....oh yeah and already having skin cancer..... Anyhooo I like the skirt but hoping to make this next one a wee bit smaller cuz I just have to lose a few lbs. before summer!!! I am going to the dentist on wed. I'll ask if he'll wire my mouth shut!!!

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