Friday, January 2, 2009

1970's vintage sheets

I was at the thrift store today looking for jeans to embellish on for my 2 y.o. and came across these 2 sets of 1970' looking sheets. They were in good condition and look like they are from either late 60's or 70's. There was just something about them that I liked and usually I am not a fan of the colors from the 70's. I decided to try a quick little skirt to see what I thought. I'm not sure??? Part of me likes it and part of me doesn't. I think if I get a fun shirt to go with it my little girl could pull it off. Maybe a little white apron on top of it might look better. Now I have a ton of the material and all for just 2 dollars so it didn't break the bank. I might cut out a few butterflies from the fabric and some flowers and applique them on a white tee and see if that makes the outfit. It actually looks better in person even though my hubby said it looks like you cut up a curtain and made a skirt. 

I made a trip to crafty planet today. They are one of the only ones around here that carry a bunch for the designer fabrics. I spent about 2 hours just drooling over all the beautiful designs. I ended up buying 3 different prints of Sandi henderson's farmers market.


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