Sunday, January 4, 2009

not the way I envisioned

Ok so first of all it is going to be much smaller than I thought. I don't have nearly as much fabric as I thought I did. It is going to be a baby quilt if best. It also is a modified hour glass because I just didn't like the smaller wizard of oz all cut up so I stopped making triangles and figured I would throw full squares in randomly to see the print better. That is what I get for not pre planning and just jumping into it. It also looks very christmasy with the colors. I think instead of the white I should have used an orange. Oh well a little late now. It will still be cute. The smaller size will be much easier to quilt. I also have a friend that is pregnant with triplets so I need to have a few baby quilts on hand. She is having 2 girls and a boy so this will cover one of them if I don't decide to keep it for Presley. This is going to be a great unisex quilt.

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