Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wallflower quilt

I designed my own quilt. I sat and measured out all the dimensions and had to do a lot of math but I really found it fun and rewarding. It was much more time consuming because after cutting a piece I would sew them together and then cut more and so on to make sure my math was right. I didn't want to do all the cutting and then go and sew and it be all wrong!!! I really love the colors and the bigger prints. Now I need to figure out the back.

I will be doing another one from scratch again...but I need to finish the 4 quilt tops I have before starting a new one....yeah we know how well I do with that!!!!!


  1. That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


  2. I really like this quilt. It's beautiful, energetic and fun.
    So how much are you charging? I might have to put in my order!

  3. Pretty soon I'll need to place an order for a queen size quilt. I'd love an estimate! This original one is beautiful.

  4. thanks girls. I am excited to finish this one. the colors are so pretty. If you guys send me the material I'll whip one up for you!!!! I love sewing