Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gathering marathon

All the outfits I have been making all require so much gathering and I'm getting real good at it. I find it so relaxing just sitting and pulling the gathers. I must be that boring to find gathering so much fun!  My new Sandi Henderson "gracie" pattern came in the mail and I have been working on a couple outfits. The instructions are done so well all in color with great pics to show step by step so the very beginners could follow along without any problems. The tiered dress collar didn't go so hot. I put it in upside down so out came the seam rippers and finally after a few choice words I got it right.  It always takes me one round of the pattern before I get it right....I am so bad at reading the instructions I just go and before I know it out come the seam rippers. I am just so impatient. The dress also called for buttonholes and it has been quite awhile since I have done any so I actually had to pull out the ole viking manual and read how to do them again. They turned out just ok. I just need to buy a couple buttons to sew on it and then the dress will be done. I made it in a 3T and it fits my 26 month old just perfect so I think I better do more 4T's for the rest if I want them to fit all summer. She is a big 26month old but I am thinking the patterns might run a little on the smaller side. I will have to see how the 4T size works. I prefer them on the bigger side so she has some room to grow. 

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