Sunday, January 18, 2009

valentine skirt

I had leftovers from the quilt so I made a patchwork skirt for valentine's day. I will probably get a  shirt and applique some material with a heart to match. Nothing cuter than a little girl in skirts. I love their little legs. Not sure how well the legwarmers I made will go but I am sure they will blend ok. It is a hard pink and red to find to match. Most pinks are so cool but this is almost a warm pink that you don't see as often. The legwarmers are white and the skirt is more off white/cream.  I made it a little big so she can wear it for quite awhile. Even though it is a great valentine's fabric it still works for a daily skirt too and just not for the holiday. Last night I had the house to myself so I got some serious sewing time in. I worked on a couple more baby quilts.  I have a bunch of flannel I want to put to use but just not sure what to do. I have used some for pj bottoms and some for rag quilts but what else should I do??? I need some inspiration. I might stop at the library tomorrow and try to find some craft/quilting books to find some new things to try. I could use another pincushion they are always in demand around here. I am always running back and forth grabbing one to bring at my work areas.


  1. Very cute that Presley is a lucky girl!

  2. Is it bad that I come here expecting something new everyday? LOL. Cute.