Thursday, January 15, 2009

ready for love

Now that my valentine quilt is done I'm ready for snuggling up with it and my dh. I used a flannel cream sheet I got at the thrift store for 2.95.  I love it because it is soft and warm and I didn't have to piece it together it was wide enough. I really love the binding too. I used up all the leftovers from the scrap bag and they were each about 5" long  so I had to piece them all together and I couldn't do it on the bias because it would have wasted too much fabric and I needed every inch I could get. I just pressed the seams open so when I was hand binding it wasn't too bulky for the needle. The colors and patterns are just one of my favorite valentine prints I've seen in a long time. I also tried something new for quilting it. I have just done the normal stipple random pattern but this time I tried adding little swirls like some of the designs in the fabric. It turned out pretty good but not perfect. Since I really didn't practice the design I just winged it. There are a few spots that I messed up but since the back and the thread are both cream it doesn't stand out too much.  Now I just have 3 more tops to quilt and I am caught up. I think I might have to run to Joann's to pick out something for the backs. I don't have the right fabrics in my stash to finish them up....oh darn I just hate shopping for fabric!!!:)


  1. Sheila you are so talented - that is beautiful!!

  2. You should totally put a website out there with your quilts I would be buying one for every season - you know how I am with bows and clothes for Mary I have bought clothes for her into next winter quilts could be my new thing!