Tuesday, January 6, 2009

v-neck dress

Here is another dress from the gracie pattern. I am into paisley right now. I have always loved paisley it was popular in the 80's and I am such a 80's girl. It has made a big comeback in fabrics lately so I am loving it. I am trying to find some fun paisley fabric for a tote for me for spring.  I love the rolled hem edge on this dress. It saves so much time and I really like the look of it thanks to my new serger I got for Christmas...thanks Greg you're the best husband. It saves so much time when it comes to making clothes. I need to call and get signed up for classes so I can use it to it's full potential. I think I am done making skirts and dresses for Presley for a little while. She is pretty set for spring/summer. I think I want to try working on jean embellishing.  I started quilting the wizard of oz quilt and ran out of white thread. How did that happen??? I thought I was stocked up but they are in cream and natural.....no white. I put in an order but it will be a few days before I get it in. I might just have to run to Joann's and pick up a small spool to finish my quilt. I also think I need to pick up some fabric for the binding I am not seeing anything in my stash that will work.  I have a couple other small projects that I am working on and my goal is to finish them before I start anything new. That is a huge challenge for me. I get bored so easily and start new stuff before I finish the old. That is a goal for 2009....finish a WIP before starting a new. Unless I run out of something and can't finish it. 

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