Friday, January 30, 2009

thrift store redo

I found this house coat at a thrift store for $2.95 and I really liked the material so I figured I could use it for something. I decided Presley needed another skirt. So this is a tutorial for a 2T/3T skirt using this housecoat. Depending on your child's size you can alter the dimensions. 

I first cut the bottom off of the housecoat at 11". That way I could use the bottom hem that was already done. The width of the piece is about 22" but if yours is smaller of bigger it doesn't matter you will just either gather less or more to match up with the band

For the band  I cut 12" in using the one finished side as a fold and cut 5" for the height. So if you were to lay it flat it would be 24"x5"

Then sew the open side using a 1/4" seam allowance with right sides together.

Then gather the top of the skirt section so it will match up to the band. Pin with right sides together and sew using 1/4" seam allowance. Then zig zag or finish the ends the way you like.

Then press the seam towards the top of the skirt and then top stitch 1/8" around the band.

Then turn the top of the band under 1/4" and press and then turn it under 1 1/2" and press.

Next top stitch 1/8" from the top and an 1/8" from the bottom to create the casing for the elastic. Make sure to leave an opening at the bottom to thread thru your elastic. Use 1" width elastic. Next measure the child's waist and cut the elastic about 1" smaller. Thread thru casing and sew close.

Now your skirt is done. That was so quick and easy. 

My skirt still needs a little more because the housecoat had big slits on the sides and I wanted to close them up for my daughter. So I got creative and used the buttons from the top of the housecoat. Because I am lazy I just carefully cut around the seams so I left the buttons in place and could just sew them down onto the skirt. I got lucky and it had an even number of buttons so I cut them in half so there would be 3 one each side of the skirt.

I zig-zagged the slits shut so it would be easier to pin and sew the buttons down. Then I pinned it to the skirt and sewed very close to the edges.

here is the skirt modeled by my lovely daughter. I just happened to have a matching purple shirt so we are in business!! I do have leftovers of the housecoat but not sure if there is enough for a top. If you have any questions just leave me a message. This is my first time trying to explain a tutorial so hopefully I made sense. If you make a skirt from this tute I would love to see it. Just post your link. 

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