Thursday, January 29, 2009

working oh the butterfly whirly quilt

I am still working on the whirly quilt for our bedroom. I think I am making it a little bigger than I originally planned. I have enough fabric so I think I will try to make it big enough to cover more of our king size bed but not as big as a king size blanket if that makes sense? I am already dreading how big it is getting and all the material I am going to be stuffing thru my machine trying to stipple it. I will be getting a workout for sure. I think I am done with the cutting unless I decide to go a tad bigger once it is all pieced. I should have the top all done by friday night. Then I will worry about the back and what I should do with that. Depending if I have enough leftovers to piece the back or a trip to the store will be in order? I am really trying hard to use up most of my stash and get that all cleared out.  Not sure if i will use flannel or just regular cotton for the majority of the back either. So many decisions huh? I have spent my January "budget" for my fabric addiction so either I use what I have or I wait a couple more days till february comes and I have my new "budget" money. I have given myself this budget each month for 2 reasons. One so my stash doesn't keep getting bigger and that I try to get creative with what I have and the other cuz this economy really sucks!!! Don't they know they are putting a huge damper on my hobbies?? Forget the big companies and their bailouts what about us crazy crafters that "need" more supplies!!

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