Monday, January 26, 2009

Wallflower quilt done

After another trip to Joann fabrics to buy more pink thread I am done with my wallflower quilt. No it is not going on any wall I just named it that because of the big flowers in the fabric. I am really liking the pink thread for the stippling. It gives a little more to the quilt than just white. I pieced the binding and the back with leftovers from the front. I love being able to use up all the extra that way my scrap binds don't get too out of control.  I can't believe how much thread you go thru with stippling. I used 3 spools of  250 yards. I think this quilt is going on Presley's new big girl bed. It isn't quite a twin size the quilt measures 66" square before I washed it not sure how much it shrunk?? It will fit fine because she has bed rails that won't allow the quilt to hang over anyhow. Her room is pink and green so it will look great in there.

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