Monday, January 26, 2009

baby chick quilt

This is one of the girl's baby quilt to go to my GF that is having the triplets.  She is having 2 girls and a boy.  I found this material at Joann's and it is just adorable I ended up not getting enough so I had to improvise to make it bigger and it still is on the smaller side but will work. I used flannel for the back and the binding so it will be extra soft on the new baby. It started out being a different design but when I realized I was out of white and the color fabric I had to change plans. It didn't line up perfectly either due to my poor planning but it can't always be perfect. I also did my loopty-lou free hand on it that I did on my valentine's quilt. I want to experiment with a few more free hand quilting techniques. I like the look of the plain stipple but it is fun to mix it up since I get bored so easily!! I love doing the smaller quilts it is so much easier to stipple without trying to get the quilt squeezed into my 7" arm space. Oh how I dream of having a long arm machine. Until I win the lottery my muscles will just be nice and strong pushing all those quilts around.


  1. That is so cute almost as cute as P with her nuk!

  2. i KNOW she will be going to high school with that thing!!!!